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Innovative Aftermarket Upgrades

Only Textron Aviation can provide you with true factory-approved aftermarket parts, services and solutions to ensure optimal performance, increase the service life and enhance the resale value of your aircraft.

Connect with us to find the upgrade that suits your needs, our team is more than happy to discuss the following options for your aircraft:

  • Aftermarket solutions for engines, propellers, avionics, cabin communications, as well as custom interior and paint designs
  • Continual innovations to keep your aircraft up to date with performance and regulatory requirements


From legacy systems to advanced integrated flight and management systems, we’ll ensure your aircraft will perform at its safest and best while reducing pilot workload with simpler, smarter controls.


At Textron Aviation, it’s never enough to have helped perfect the way modern business travel is done. We constantly seek out new ways to bring even more to you. We have a variety of upgrades to enhance the performance and operational flexibility of your aircraft, with engine upgrades, enhanced leading edges and propellers.

Cabin Connectivity

Our experts are well trained on the latest state-of-the-art avionics, cabin communications and entertainment to increase your comfort, productivity and overall flight experience, while also increasing the resale value of your aircraft.

Appearance / Misc

The spirit of going further and doing it better, is woven into our very DNA. This is proven by the various OEM upgrades available for your aircraft. A custom interior refresh or exterior paint scheme can be designed to meet your lifestyle and mission. Sometimes it’s the little things like LED lighting or heated seats to make your travel the best it can be.

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