Proadvantage Programs

ProAdvantage Programs

Our ProAdvantage programs are your best tool for containing costs associated with maintaining your aircraft. ProAdvantage provides an umbrella of protection for nearly every working part of your aircraft – even wear-out items. Eliminate risk and rest easy - we’ve got you covered!

ProAdvantage provides precise and predictable maintenance protection for

  • Parts
  • Labor
  • Engines
  • APU

You’ll appreciate these ProAdvantage benefits while increasing the value of your aircraft:

  • No risk investment (guaranteed maintenance/money left at end of contract, rolls forward into new contract or credit for service)
  • Long term price protection – rate adjustments based on CPI for Wage Earners but no other increases keeping costs low
  • Streamline internal purchase process, resulting in faster turn times.
  • Ease of administration and no administrative costs
  • Transparency for status of balance (not a use it or lose it)
  • One invoice
  • Agreement is transferrable if you sell your aircraft

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